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Weirdest designed public bathrooms

Some of us hate using them but when nature calls there's no stopping the urge. Public bathrooms can be found pretty much everywhere and they usually are designed the same wherever you go. These bathrooms are bizarre for a variety of reasons related to unconventional designs and additions.

  1. Weirdest designed public bathrooms

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    If you're ever in London, try this one. This special restaurant offers very unique toilet. When you get to the area you were told is the bathroom, you find yourself facing several egg-like pods. And, no, this isn’t' the egg chamber from “Alien”, but the actual bathroom and each egg is actual toilet.
10 extremely dangerous roads Weirdest designed public bathrooms(#2)

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Add date: 22.10.2016

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10 extremely dangerous roads Weirdest designed public bathrooms(#2)
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