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The Truth Behind 7 Makeup Myths

Do you match your foundation to your wrist? Or use waterproof mascara daily? Stop right there! We're revealing the truth behind 7 popular makeup myths.

  1. The Truth Behind 7 Makeup Myths

    • Resolution: 768x384 px
    • Weight: 39 kB
    Many people believe makeup causes breakouts, but it is not the case. The cause of acne is usually bad higine, not makeup products! If you use dirty brushes, expired products or sleep with makeup on, you are damaging your skin.
  2. Match your foundation to your wrist

    • Resolution: 1280x720 px
    • Weight: 85 kB
    We've all done it. But when you think about it, this makes no sense at all! You are not going to apply the product on your hands, after all. So it follows, you should match the shade to the part of your body, where you're going to use it.
  3. Expensive products work better

    • Resolution: 627x386 px
    • Weight: 42 kB
    It's natural to equate cost not with quality. With makeup though, it all comes down to the formula! There are instances where the same company creates cosmetics for an expensive brand as well as a drugstore range. Do your research!
  4. People with oily skin shouldn't use moisturizers

    • Resolution: 980x490 px
    • Weight: 35 kB
    You actually need to add some moisture to your oily skin, not avoid it! The skid produces excess oils because of dryness.
  5. Makeup doesn't get dirty

    • Resolution: 900x600 px
    • Weight: 161 kB
    It really important that you wash your makeup brushes weekly. But not only brushes get dirty, other products do too. Invest in a makeup cleansing spray and fight all the bacteria!
  6. Waterproof mascara is best

    • Resolution: 660x330 px
    • Weight: 33 kB
    It's assumed that waterproof mascara is better than normal variety. But unless you need a serious waterproofing, you shouldn't be wearing waterproof ones. It's much more difficult to remove and might damage your lashes.
  7. Concealer should be lighter than foundation

    • Resolution: 1600x1064 px
    • Weight: 108 kB
    Light concealer will not cover up your imprefections. In fact, it is going to make those dark circles stand out even more. Mach your concealer to your skin toneand use coloured concealers to counterbalance problem areas.
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Add date: 30.11.2016

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