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Terms of Service imgED

Use imged.com constitutes acceptance of and compliance with regulations.

§ 1 Definitions

The terms used herein have the following meaning:

  1. The website - www service with a set of all the services available in the domain imged.com, imged.es, imged.pl and their subdomains
  2. The person - a natural person or legal entity and do not have legal personality.
  3. User - adult person with full legal capacity, which, through acceptance of the Rules and registration gained access to the services offered by the Service. The user may also be a minor and / or not having full legal capacity, subject to the consent of the legal representative.
  4. Image - any graphic element uploaded by the user.
  5. Service Provider - means the Service.
  6. IP address - a unique number assigned to devices computer networks.
  7. Rules - the document which regulates the rights and obligations of Users and the Administrator and the appendices are an integral part of the document.
  8. Administrator - the entity managing and running the website: NextDotCom Limited
§ 2 Terms of Service by the Service Provider
  1. Use the Website in part without login is free and available to all.
  2. Service provides services relating to the storing and publishing image files registered or non-registered website users.
  3. User authentication is performed using the IP address.
§ 3 General Terms and Conditions
  1. The user bears full legal responsibility for material posted by him in the Service and declares that it has the right to distribute and dispose of them.
  2. It is prohibited to publish, to post, store files public through the Service containing pornography, violence, desecration, contrary to Polish law, the materials which may expose third parties to the loss of the right of public, private and copyrights.
  3. The service can be used only in accordance with applicable law, the provisions of these Regulations and of good practice adopted for the use of the Internet (Netiquette). In particular, you may not:
    • violate the rights of other Users to use the Service;
    • violate the intellectual property rights of third parties;
    • distribute illegal material listed in paragraph 3 point 2 of the Rules;
    • edit, delete, render useless or add information to the messages of other users without their consent;
    • use the Service in a way that may lead to a breach of the proper operation of the services offered;
    • generate excessive load on the Website;
    • publish pictures from other websites, newspapers, magazines, books, and others without the consent of the owner;
    • added contrary to the law, socially inappropriate, including vulgar comments from your own pictures and other users, slanderous or libelous people with photos or cinematographers whether the views of people in particular suggesting erotic associations with a photo. This also applies to descriptions of images, file names, images, tags, forum and other texts which user can enter the Service.
  4. The administrator has the right to block a user breaking conditions.
  5. Administrator will work with the authorities to appointed, in order to detect the perpetrator in case of violation of these regulations.
  6. You agree to use the Administrator contact e-mail address for commercial purposes, in particular by: sending advertisements and other content that is commercial information on user accounts
§ 4 Deleting files
  1. Files content violate the law and / or copyright and distributed, will be removed after the application administrator.
  2. Administrator reserves the right to remove any graphic file without giving reasons.
§ 5 Complaints
  1. The administrator is not responsible for the content published by the User files. The person responsible for the content of the file is the user who have uploaded it to the server of the Service.
  2. You agree not to make any claim against the Service Provider arising from the use of its services, breach of contract or any other conditions.
  3. Administrator shall not be liable for the operation of the service and placed in the files.
  4. Administrator is not responsible for any delay or failure to perform tasks caused by factors independent of it. However, we make every effort to make the service to work properly and smoothly.
§ 6 Final Provisions
  1. Rules are available at https://imged.com/s/terms.html
  2. By registering on the Site, you represent that you have read these Terms and Conditions, and content objects accept.
  3. uploading the file servers of the Service, you represent that you have read these Terms and Conditions, and content objects accept.
  4. Logo, the name and trademarks "imged.es", "imged.com" and "imged.pl" legally protected.
  5. Administrator reserves the right to amend these regulations.

The new rules apply from the date of publication on this website.