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About us

One picture is worth a thousand words!

old Chinese proverb

This proverb motivated by us when creating imgED. With us everything revolves around the image - no matter whether single image or photo gallery. We want to infect you - the readers imgED - a passion for images that can cause a smile, tears, emotion, compassion and so on.

Who we are? A group of people positively crazy to the point of the image. Our team consists of specialists from all over the world, including Poland, United Kingdom, Norway, the USA, Singapore, Tu may be your country - If you are looking for a job send us an @).

What we do? At first glance, we Hosting images (a place where everyone could free throw as many pictures as he wants), but what we create (we encourage you to try) is called Virtual Storytelling - or telling a story through images / pictures / animations.