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Mother pierced her six-month-old daughter's cheek!

Enedina Vance posted on her Facebook page a controversial photo of her infant daughter with a cheek piercing. Why? She wanted to make a statement against body modification.

  1. Mother pierced her six-month-old daughter's cheek!

    • Resolution: 1600x900 px
    • Weight: 94 kB
    Enedina Vance posted this photo on Facebook and caused a storm! She wrote, that piercing an infant baby is legal and is not considered abuse. It's my baby, so I can do whatever I want! - said Vance. Her photo was shared over 13000 times in just one day!
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Add date: 12.07.2017

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Talented cosplayer transforms herself into popular characters Mother pierced her six-month-old daughter's cheek!(#2)
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