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He didn't fall for her because she dressed skimpy

What men find the most attractive in women? Here are 6 stereotypes and myths you should really stop believing, if you want to get the man of your dreams. Good luck!

  1. He didn't fall for her because she dressed skimpy

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    Revealing clothes
    Some girls feel that they can win the heart of their dream guy by wearing revealing clothes. Remember! Guys like their girls in such clothes, but not always. If you wear such kind of clothes always, your boy might not look up to you as a potential girl to be his girlfriend or wife... You really don't have to show too much to look sexy! Keep your sexiest features under wraps until you’re ready to let him unwrap you.
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Add date: 12.04.2017

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Does It Look Normal? Take a Second Look! He didn't fall for her because she dressed skimpy(#2)
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