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Bed Wars - The Pains of Sleeping Together

Who in the world doesn’t like to snuggle up with their loved one at night? While there are obvious benefits of sleeping together, sometimes it can get a little bit uncomfortable...

  1. Bed Wars - The Pains of Sleeping Together

    • Resolution: 582x429 px
    • Weight: 34 kB
    Are you this kind of couple that hardly touches in bed? Or maybe you get crazy tangled like snakes?
  2. To spood or not to spoon...

    • Resolution: 608x424 px
    • Weight: 32 kB
    You would love to have some space, but your partner likes to cuddle? Or maybe you and your significant other are fighting for as much space possible?
  3. On the edge

    • Resolution: 584x403 px
    • Weight: 24 kB
    The fact that your bedmate sometimes throws you out of the bed doesn't mean they've stopped loving you! ;)
  4. Solution

    • Resolution: 564x391 px
    • Weight: 25 kB
    If your lover is hopeless sprawler, you probably need to think about getting a queen size mattress. In the most severe cases, you can sleep with different blankets to minimize any disturbances.
  5. We know it can be annoying...

    • Resolution: 601x417 px
    • Weight: 33 kB
    Hair in your face? Snoring? Before blasting your darling, recall how comfortable and secure it is to be physically close to your honey! Luckily, there are a couple of ways to enjoy sleeping on the same sheets without making your sweetheart cranky.
  6. Night owl

    • Resolution: 606x406 px
    • Weight: 29 kB
    You partner may be a night owl and find it hard to travel to the kingdom of Morpheus along with you. You can solve this by going to bed earlier in the evening with the night owl leaving the bed for a while and coming back later.
  7. Important!

    • Resolution: 608x443 px
    • Weight: 26 kB
    Remember: your bedbuddy shouldn’t be a bad buddy!
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Add date: 30.12.2016

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