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7 Ugly Habits That Make You Less Attractive

There are many things you might be doing tat affect your apperance. Your daily habits could be doing a number on you! Here is a list o 7 ugly habits that make you less attractive.

  1. 7 Ugly Habits That Make You Less Attractive

    • Resolution: 600x334 px
    • Weight: 33 kB
    Smoking is not cool anymore. Many negative factors of this habit may have helped many people choose to not smoke. From stained teeth to not very pleasant smell of smoke, there is nothing cute about this ugly habit! It might be hard to quit, but your body and face will thank you.
  2. Skipping workouts

    • Resolution: 753x518 px
    • Weight: 429 kB
    Working out not only helps to lose wieght but also boosts your mood and make you appear happier. Finding time to excercise is a struggle, but it's worth trying! When you're missing workouts, you are missing out on all it's benefits.
  3. Not wearing sunscreen

    • Resolution: 640x362 px
    • Weight: 28 kB
    When you neglect wearing sunscreen, you expose yourself to harmful UV rays which can cause premature aging, skin cancer and skin blotchiness. Keep your youthful glow and buy yourself some SPF!
  4. Eating greasy foods

    • Resolution: 500x250 px
    • Weight: 498 kB
    You are what you it - they say. It's true especially when it comes to oily foods. Food impacts your whole body, it can make you gain weight and can affect your skin
  5. Biting your nails

    • Resolution: 1280x720 px
    • Weight: 56 kB
    With all the stress from school and work it might be hard to quit this habit, but you should try. Biting your nails wreaks not only them, but also your fingers and teeth. It's also just plain dirty!
  6. Not taking off makeup at night

    • Resolution: 1000x667 px
    • Weight: 48 kB
    We know that te last thing you want to do after a long night out is taking off your makeup before going to bed. But not doing so is really bad for your skin. You're going to sleep with dead cells and dirt on your face which can cause breakouts and will make your skin age quicker.
  7. Slouching

    • Resolution: 500x334 px
    • Weight: 16 kB
    It may seem like a comfortable way to relax, but it really makes you appear less attractive as well as cause damage to the spine. It isn't always easy to sit up and stand straight, but when you do, you will appear confident and... skinnier!
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Add date: 30.11.2016

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