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7 Things You Shouldn't Do in Public!

There are many things people shouldn't do in public, and when it comes to acting like a lady, there are some things that are simply unacceptable! See what not do do!

  1. 7 Things You Shouldn't Do in Public!

    • Resolution: 500x333 px
    • Weight: 24 kB
    Pick a wedgie
    Ok, There is nothing comfortable about having a wedgie, and there is no cute way to pick it out. But remember, you never know who is watching, and digging your hands in your bottoms isn't a good look.
  2. Pop a Zit

    • Resolution: 650x488 px
    • Weight: 33 kB
    Whether it is popping your own zits, or someone else's, it's disgusting for the people around you! On a side note, you shouldn't do it in front of your boyfriend either.
  3. Spitting

    • Resolution: 580x382 px
    • Weight: 37 kB
    A girl should never spit in public! It shows a lack of class and can even make you seem less lady like and less attractive.
  4. Fight on the Phone

    • Resolution: 960x540 px
    • Weight: 82 kB
    Losibg your temper in public is not great but when a phone is added to the mix, it can get really awkward. People often don't realize how loud they are being... Try to leave heated calls for when you get home!
  5. Take Pictures of Everything

    • Resolution: 576x384 px
    • Weight: 17 kB
    Nowadays people are snapping and videoing every second of their day. Taking selfies, snapping every meal...We can all agree that it can get a little bit annoying when you are constantly doing this in public.
  6. Pee on a Toilet Seat

    • Resolution: 500x326 px
    • Weight: 30 kB
    Is there anything worse than opening a restroom stall to find pee splasher all over the toilet seat? No, there is not! Please don't do it, it's just a common curtesy for the rest of the public that has to clean up after you just so they can use the restroom.
  7. Banana Rule

    • Resolution: 500x281 px
    • Weight: 16 kB
    It's sad that we even have to mention this one, because women already have a hard time with eating in public. Well, things can get a little weird if you happen to make eye contact with a guy while aeting a banana...
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Add date: 02.01.2017

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