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7 diy ways to use a jar

Probably there's no more useful thing at home than a simple jar. We have so many possible ways of apply it on daily basis. And it's always there at hand. You only need to look at it with a bit of creativity and new ideas comes up.
Here's seven really simple, cool and impressive ways to use a jar. Have fun!

  1. 7 diy ways to use a jar

    • Resolution: 342x536 px
    • Weight: 31 kB
    Everyone have a bunch of needles, pins, threads, buttons and often do not know where to store it all. This organiser will solve the problem and you can prepare it yourself in a minute.
    We need: a needle pad, double-sided tape and any ribbon for decoration. Cut out a circle piece of a needle pad to fit the jar's lid and simple attach it using double-sided tape. Tie the jar around with a ribbon and put all the sewing accessories inside. You're done!
10 Dumb and Dangerous Internet Challenges 7 diy ways to use a jar(#2)

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Add date: 12.10.2016

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10 Dumb and Dangerous Internet Challenges 7 diy ways to use a jar(#2)
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