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10 extremely dangerous roads

When it comes to road safety, nothing is more important than driving responsibly, following the highway code, and never drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel. That being said, there are just some roads in the world which are extremely dangerous regardless of how well you drive, responsible or sober you are.

  1. 10 extremely dangerous roads

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    11 km long and with an elevation change of 1100 m from start to finish, this Chinese roadway is not for the faint of heart. With 99 hairpin turns, this road isn't that narrow, but meeting an oncoming vehicle can make things a bit challenging. There are barriers all along the route, nevertheless too much speed won't prevent you from going over the edge and taking a long fall to the bottom.
10 Hottest Victoria's Secret Angels 10 extremely dangerous roads(#2)

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Add date: 22.10.2016

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10 Hottest Victoria's Secret Angels 10 extremely dangerous roads(#2)
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