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10 Coolest H&M Fashion Collabs

Are you one of those fashionistas impatiently waiting for H&M x Kenzo collab to hit the stores? While you are still waiting take a look at 10 best collabs since 2004. Can you remember them all? Which onewas you fave?

  1. 10 Coolest H&M Fashion Collabs

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    Do you remember adverts for this collab? The Balmain designer had Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and the Backstreet Boys at his Balmain for H&M fashion show! Instagram was full of #BalmainHMNation photos. Thanks to this collab we had an opportunity to buy most recognizable Balmain runway pieces at a lower price point.
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Add date: 27.10.2016

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