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10 Actors Who Hate The Role That Made Them Famous

Would you ever presume that Sean Connery would love to kill James Bond and that Kate Winslet is embarrassed by her shoddy acting in Titanic? As it turns out many actors actually hate their most iconic roles, even though they gave them the biggest career boost. Here are 10 actors and their most famous movie parts they regret taking.

  1. 10 Actors Who Hate The Role That Made Them Famous

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    Titanic is without doubt one of the most iconic movies in the Hollywood industry. Kate Winslet played Rose Dewitt Bukater in the movie and she kind of wishes she hadn't. She's sick of people asking her if they can draw her like one of their French girls... She also hates her American accent in the movie - she can’t listen to it.
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Add date: 27.04.2017

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